Lectures on Introductory Physics I                                     Epilogue                                        M. Agrest



Dear friend. 

You are almost ready to close this volume and put it on a shelf or return to the College Bookstore, or…..

Please do not hurry to make this decision.

I hope that this volume was your partner during the semester of challenging Physics.

I hope it saved your time copying from the board.

It is very important that you made a lot of notes in this book.

You were implicated in the teaching learning process. In some sense you are a co-author now. 

You were helping me find misprints during the semester of our communication and I will appreciate your final 
feedback with a list of misprints so I could fix the next edition of this book.

Aren’t you keeping this volume for your memory?


E. 1                                                                               Copyright 2002 © M. AGREST

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