Oxygen Consumption During Photodynamic Therapy 
John Zullo 
Linda R. Jones 
Department of Physics and Astronomy.
College of Charleston.
Charleston, SC.

      Merocyanine 540(MC540) is a photosensitive dye that is currently being
utilized experimentally with in the treatment of leukemia patients.   In
conjunction with light, this dye allows for the photo-inactivation of the
cancer cells. In vitro experiments were performed, studying the oxygen
levels of a sealed sample of L1210 cancer cells, media, and MC540 dye
during a 30 minute illumination period.  The oxygen levels were seen to
decrease linearly.  As well, cell samples were taken after 15 minute and
thirty minute illumination intervals.  These sample were cultured in a
methylcellulose medium, and after 7 days, the cell colonies were counted.
The viable cell count was seen to decrease over each time interval,
indicating cells were still being killed after 30 minutes of illumination.
From this data, a correlation may be established between oxygen
consumption and percentage of cells killed during PDT administration.

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