A. G. Davis Phillip 
Union College.
Harlow Shapley Visiting Lecturer 
of the American Astronomical Society
Astronomical Photometry with CCDs: 
Turning a Small Telescope into a Large Telescope and the Large Telescopes do the Previously Impossible.

BS Physics  Union College     1951
MS Physics  New Mexico State University 1959
Ph.D. Astronomy Case Institute of Technology  1964

Univ. of New Mexico       1964-66
SUNY Albany        1966-76
Dudley Observatory       1967-79
Board of Directors, Sec, Treas, NYAC    1968 -
Union College Research Prof      1976-
L. Davis Press President     1982 -
Van Vleck Observatory      1982 - 94
Institute for Space Observations President   1986 -
Shapley Program   Director   1994 -
Baltic Astronomy, Co-editor      1996 -
APG Group, Wesleyan University     1997 -
Lithuanian Academy of Sciences     1997 -

Astronomical Research

Photometry and Spectroscopy

Horizontal-Branch Stars -
Globular Clusters -
Galactic Structure -
Magellanic Clouds -

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